Father. Husband. Broken athlete. Investor in stuff. Blogger by night. Entrepreneur in spirit. Trying the author thing. Public speakerererer. Pondering podcaster. Gamer. Wellness motivator. Nutritional advocate (w/ occasional steak). The operations and process can be better guy. Dogs are awesome dude. Tech maven (i guess geek?).

Hi. I'm HK.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. This is something I have always taken with me. I believe each one of us has the strength, the patience, and the passion to change the world, hopefully for the better. I have had the opportunity to do some great things and meet some amazing people along the way. This is my personal place to connect and share that journey with you!

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Wealth & Finances

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Wealth & Finances

If you want to be a millionaire

Everyone thinks that it takes a lot to become a millionaire, like (you must) having…

Thoughts on Investing

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Clarity. Purpose. Passion.

When the mind is controlled and the spirit is filled with purpose, you live life by the second.