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In this post, you’ll find my 7 keywords for life.

Words that I believe, in its full context, should be passed on to the next generation. These words, along with their meanings is what I want to instill into my kids and have them understand the full meaning of their context and to embrace them, live them out daily, and progress to become better.

The snapshot definitions below are not in any way my full understanding. It is only a snapshot of what I recently posted on social media.

Focus to me is more than what is thrown around in regards to terminology. It’s a concept I believe many throw around but do not fully understand in context terms. Most people think that focus is about getting things done without being distracted. While this is true, personally, it’s more than that. It’s about mental toughness. It’s about the ability to stay on track with the right things at the right time, all while distancing the wrong things that want to eat into your mind.

It’s about the mind and refocusing on what is effective, rather than being busy and getting things done. Regardless whether you are in a high-pressure meeting, were passed by on a promotion, or you were up all night cause your kid was sick. Its about that dedication and commitment to remaining on track – finishing that marathon.

When many people hear the word meditation and/or mindfulness, they imagine that meditation lies somewhere in the domain of free-spirited people zoning out, you know something like “hippies”.

But that is not the case. Meditation is truly amazing. It’s positive affect your mind, soul, and body is something I have come to experience over the past years. It’s not something that came easy. I too had this preconceived notion that its “fake” and from the start I was still all “jiggly” – it took time. I also admit – I do not meditate as much as I should or as consistently as I need to be, but I do do it more so than not. I need it. It helps me to focus, envision, and find inner peace. To be in the here and now and to find that inner gratitude of life.

I challenge you to take some time to sit, focus and meditate because doing so will;

  • make you happier
  • will help you manage anxiety, stress, and depression
  • you do not need to be a religious person to meditate
  • the benefits are almost immediate
  • it will help you fall asleep
  • it sharpens your memory

Make life more joyful and meaningful by being mindful through meditation. Give it a shot and let me know.

In psychology, the term self-esteem is used to describe a person’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value. In other words, it is your opinion of yourself and your abilities. Don’t mistake it for arrogance. That’s a different topic. This is about how you value yourself and serves as a motivational function by making you explore your full potential. Believe in yourself, at all times. Live life on your own terms!

Confidence comes from the Latin word fidere’ which means “to trust”; therefore, having self-confidence is having trust in one’s self. Fairly straight forward.

However, in this day and age (21st century) I find I find that with all these social media profiles and increasing pressure within businesses and workplaces that insecurity has become a shameful disease —a weakness and a character flaw, which prevents us from becoming our true selves. To counter this we all must be more confident in our own capabilities and skills. You do not need the affirmation of anyone – that includes your boss, likes on Facebook, or views on TikTok.

Again, it’s not about arrogance, it’s not about shrugging off other peoples opinions or advice – these all assist you in guiding you to be you. But be confident in who you are. The world needs someone like you!

Discovering can be seen from many perspectives. Whether its about obtaining knowledge or awareness of something you did not know before, through reading or listening or discovering the world through traveling and obseration of new cultures and experiences – the point is always be open minded and never stop being curious.

Its like when you were a kid, you were not part of the mold you probably are in today. You were curious. You could have cared less about what others think. You did what you wanted to do because you wanted to learn. You wanted to discover. Be that kid again.

This is about being there in a non-judgemental way. It’s about passing on your know-how and experiences. It’s about encouragement and challenging those around you to find their inner beast. Too often, in business and in our personal lives, we get caught up with wanting to be better than everyone else. However, rather than being a bitch about it, learn to be a teacher in all situations. This will ultimately leave a legacy.

In our ever-on world, the qualities that encompass the term respect have been blurred. However, it is with courtesy, empathy, authenticity, trustworthiness, and wisdom which we need to delve upon both professionally and personally. Disregarding and looking beyond language, color, ethnicity, religion, citizenship, etc. It may sound like a utopian ideal, but if each of us could walk a path with just that ounce more of respect for comprehension of others, then society as a whole would be that much better.

To me, it’s not an illusion. It’s a deeper understanding of committing myself to reflect on my set of beliefs in daily interactions to demonstrate what each person, through my view deserves. Everything we do, say, and provide to others makes a statement about our regards for them and like a chain, if we all linked to it better, we would be stronger.

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