This post has been lingering around for nearly 2 weeks and I did not want to release it before ensuring for myself that I’ve reached my first goal and that I kept at it for a period before stepping it up and moving towards my next goal.

That initial goal was reaching 94kg!

Over the last years I have become fairly complacent in regards to my athletic endeavors. I still do a load of sports from running to swimming to playing ball, but on an inconsistent basis in regards to a firm training schedule and in relation to the amount of calories (food in general) I intake. If you know me, you know I love food. Always have and always will. Good food is beautiful. Yes, beautiful!

The issue with the complacency in relation to my weight is that my mindset shifted from extremely active and persistent in athletic goals to “Oh, nice. I can do that.” I’ve done a few races, played some soccer, completed triathlons, but with no real work ethic in regards to dedication, consistency and focus. Yeah, before each of those things I would prepare myself. I would focus in comparison to non-preparation moments, meaning training everyday and working on areas I knew I needed to work on, however my mind, regardless of what I tried to convince myself of, was not fully in the game. Visually speaking – I was more like a substitute sitting on the bench, watching the game, perhaps warming up on the sideline and when I did get a chance to play those last 15 minutes, played to my fullest, but not with all earnest in terms of where my mind was. Another part of the problem was the fact that I just ate (and ate and ate). I would burn crazy amount of calories swimming, but considering I would then eat a pizza, throw in a protein shake and then an icecream bar wasn’t exactly the fuel my body needed. But hey, I could still keep up and compete at a very aggressive level.


The point is, if you are wanting to get into the game, get into it with all your heart, mind and soul. And to me that meant I needed to change my mindset in regards to my body and athletic endeavors and “go back” to my original state of a high performing athlete. Even though I knew what I should be doing I often did not translate that into my actions, but kept at it while being complacent in other areas, fooling myself to believing that its fine. That is why for a few years I have been fluctuating between 97kg-100kg. I am a heavy, larger built, more muscular guy but in all honesty I need to burn at least another 6% body fat (that alone is another rough 4.8kg) and drop my weight to 92KG (which is not my goal) to get back into a higher performing state. Once I get there then I will look into going from 10% to 6-7% body fat, building muscle mass and endurance and keeping that consistent.

I have achieved my first goal. That was to finally get under 95KG. I have been telling family and friends this for quite some time. I want to get under 95kg again, but I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough to do it. Now, I’ve changed my nutrition, I’ve incorporated more training sessions and have switched my mindset into the right gear to execute on achieving my goals. I have now been a consistent 94kg for the past two weeks and am now working on burning the aforementioned body fat to drop a few % points. I feel good and am still motivated (that’s a choice as well) to continue down this new found path. Better eating. Better choices. Better execution. This is what you need to do as well. “Zoom Focus” on what you want to accomplish. Get the right attitude. Make a conscious decision that you want to achieve it. Than being learning and immediately applying that knowledge.

This is relevant for your business, your work life, your personal life. For your family, your relationship with friends. Anything and everything. Zoom Focus on what you want to achieve and do it. Understand that half-heartedness does not take you anywhere. Stop being lukewarm. Either your in our your out. Its that simple of a choice.

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