I love reading. So does my wife. And our kids are book worms too.

Is knowledge, power?

Pick up a book and discover the world.

Reading is an essential part of our family life. We love reading, whether fiction or non-fiction, short stories, magazines, or a wide variety of articles online. Reading opens horizons, challenges perspectives, teaches and educates, and sets the mind free. It relaxes, and creates discussions, and enables powerful thoughts. It is a trait we have diligently taught our kids and love the fact that they too love books. We read nearly every night with them and on our own. The books or things we read come from a variety of sources, whether a recommendation from family or friends, a gift, a suggestion from an article, or us researching on a specific topic of interest. So if you have a suggestion – reach out on Twitter on contact me and let me know.

Below you’ll find a selection of books on our bookshelf. Enjoy.

Recommended by a good friend. It’s a great read, easy, and captures a good sense of Ikigai – “the reason to get up in the morning.” In other words, the reason (gai) to live (iki).

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