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With cities, regions, countries opening up again due to vaccination drives, testing facilities and the such, I read and hear from many that leaders are trying to pull back and cancel remote work. Honestly, I love working from home and having the flexibility to go to the office as needed. An open hybrid model with the full freedom to work as needed, not under the clock. I have never had to punch a time card (and the purpose of that is another discussion) however, this brief is about trying to get rid of remote work again.

Employees made it work!

Whether with kids or without, in different cities, or even countries for limited periods, the remote culture worked. Employees had to shift drastically with the pandemic, but office workers made it work. So to all the leaders now who are trying to cancel remote work, don’t forget that your employees made it work.

Ultimately, when it comes to business, it’s not about place, it is about purpose and process. It does not matter where we work, but why and how. Plain and simple.

The new status symbol will be those with the freedom to work when and where they want to deliver their results. Flexibility is definitely here to stay, and time will tell if those who reject it will be as well.

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