If you know me and my online ventures including this blog, which to date does not have very many posts because I cleaned it up and started out fresh, after blogging since 2005, you may know that I love change.

Here’s the thing. I approached my oldest brother and my wife with an idea and they tell me “You are continuously changing your mind…”. My reply was, well “yes, change is continuous”. Ive pitched hundreds of ideas to my wife alone. She always has to bare the burden of listening to me when my thoughts go crazy around something new I could do or be involved in. Her reply to my “yes” was, “…you need to be more consistent in what you do…” and that statement is completely true. Go create and make it happen, but remain consistent on that particular idea.

However, I find change is good – up to a certain extent. Let’s take my blog as an example. I started blogging seriously in the mid-2000’s and slowly began a following. Considering the fact that I was continuously learning something new, I wanted to try those things. And where to do it bet than on my own website? Na, I didn’t want to run a “playground” for testing. “Lets just change this and that and a bit over here. Why that looks cool and this is actually quite crappy.” Those were my thoughts tinkering around with everything. Well since then this blog has probably seen at least 20 redesigns in the last 10 years or so. So I continuously change and adapt for, hopefully, the better. As you can see now, I’m keeping my commitment on posting daily and there is still a lot more in the works. So while the design may change, Im now keeping the consistency. Two quite different things on a very fine line.

Things evolve. Businesses change. In my corporate work, Ive undergone major changes on a yearly basis. From a personal perspective, ie: my role, to the way the organization and business sets itself up. With that in mind – I want to grow. I need to grow and if YOU don’t grasp those moments of change as opportunities, you are going to get left behind.

Most people react to change negatively. As if its a negative trait. Change is awesome. Period. Too much of it, and I do agree in certain things in life it may be downhill. But the majority of change in business, in life and all of our experiences are due to the constant and evolving change. So stop complaining. Remember consistency and change are two different things that run on a fine line.

Lets take another example – social networks. The same is applicable for them. Sometimes I’m on and sometimes I’m off. I go with whatever platform suites me and how those platforms and myself evolve. I change my mind based on best practices. Everything, especially in business shifts very fast. Especially technology.

Changes happen quick. You need to adapt. Always.

Be open minded. Evolve. Utilize opportunities, because like some big companies that were once major in the game, you’ll get left behind and will only be trying to catch up.

Hustle hard!

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