Ive been sorting through some pictures and came across an old one I find hilarious. I’ve posted it before on hermannk.com, but figured since I’ve started a fresh slate I might as well repost it for a few good laughs.

The photo stems from late 2013 when my wife came across an interesting article around the perspective of couples and their wardrobes and how clothes makes one feel. The article gave insight on a bunch of couples who did the experiment and talked about how society portrays people through gender and clothing – in other words first impressions. We thought it would be fun to do as well and this is the result.

Give it a shot with your significant other! There is no excuse on sizes here guys – if I could fit into my wifes clothes than Im fairly sure you can fit into your significant others clothes too.

Let us know or see the result by sending us an email via the contact form here. We’d also be glad to update this post as photos come in and you give us permission to do so.




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