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I love connecting with people from all walks of life.

I do my best to respond to emails promptly. And I firmly believe that I’m not special, just a normal guy who enjoys working hard (hustling) and working smart. In everything I do here, I truly want to make the world a better place.


Would you be interested in a podcast?

I love podcasts. I love listening to them. I love interviews. If you feel like I would add value to your audience, please do reach out to me. I seriously consider all invitations, but at times am time constrained. Either way, reach out to me and let’s connect.

Are you able to mentor me?

First off, thanks for considering it. I currently do not offer mentorships as I am currently engaged in similar commitments. Nonetheless always feel free to reach out and connect.

I often make call outs to how I can help, and I mean that sincerely so if there is anything you need to discuss than I’ll be glad to accommodate a talk in my schedule.

Are you able to speak at my event?

Yes and no. It really boils down to what your event is and whether or not I would be a value-add to it. I’ve done speeches, keynote events, workshops, etc. and with each, I customize my talks.

Topics I love covering;

  • How to progress as a young leader in business
  • How to engineer a success mentality
  • How to create habits and rituals to get s* done


What is High Performance Faculty?

High Performance Faculty (in short HPF) is all about hacking the mindset, learning how to change your thought process so that you can live a free, focused, and fulfilled life.

Where do I find HPF material?

You’ll find thought-provoking material posted daily in our facebook group. I post regularly and on a variety of topics that related to personal growth in finance, freedom and mindful fulfillment.

Why is the majority of stuff free?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to live life on my own terms and I want that for everyone. I’m not a guru, far from it. I’m your ordinary guy that’s hacked the mindset to engineering success and I want to pass this on to as many people that will listen. Hence, the majority of my material is free, this includes guides, blog posts, worksheets, etc.

How do you make money?

Albeit the majority of my material is free, there are a few ways we generate income and I am very transparent about these. This includes advertising on the site, partnerships, and sales of products. I’ll always let you know what is what!

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