A much needed break to relax and enjoy time with the family. In Spain we had a long weekend considering that both Good Friday and Easter Monday were bank holidays. Four full days without being corporate. And for the first time in a while, time off without me pondering what I need to get done for work. I literally took off from “everything”. Nonetheless we couldn’t sit fully still.


Thursday evening we did a small grocery round for the weekend as we knew we would be heading out on Friday and we wanted some sandwiches for the road. After waking up I went for a 8km run with the dogs through the woods while Renata did some cleaning and looked after Jayden. I came home, showered and helped with the chores that were left before we packed up and got into the car.

First destination – Panta de Foix and Castellet. A small village, the castle there being an UNESCO world heritage site, just north-west of Vilanova i la Geltru. What initially should have taken around 45min took as an hour and half because we got caught in Easter weekend traffic. But so be it – we enjoyed the sun rays and Jayden was alseep. Upon arrival we walked around, enjoyed the view and strolled through the small village. We were quite surprised at the activity of people coming and going and the fact that people actually lived there. If you ever visit, you’ll know what I mean. Nonetheless a very nice place to hike, picnic and enjoy nature.



Afterwards we drove towards Sitges, one of our favorite towns south of Barcelona just to take in some beach and waves. Upon our arrival the sun was covered by clouds and the wind really picked up, so we only stayed shortly and drove through to see the bustle of the town.


Then we drove towards Barcelona for dinner and to get a few things we can’t get around where we live. We parked and it began drizzling and as we walked, Renata nearly picked a fight. This guy comes out of a supermarket with his kids and wife (I wasn’t really paying attention so my assumption here is that he was slightly drunk and of Filipino descent). He unpeeled the wrapper of an ice-cream bar a few meters away from us as we were walking by and Renata saw him throw it on the floor. Both her and I cant stand folks that have no respect for the community, for each other and for our environment and planet so she kindly asked him to pick it up. He was like “Oh sorry, it just fell”. We continued walking and she kept looking back just to see what this guy would do. He then stopped at some point (I didn’t see this as I was strolling with Jayden, however she did) and he was facing our direction, threw the trash on the floor as if pitching a baseball. Man, how tough is that (I’m being sarcastic here)..she starts storming towards him as he’s roughly 80 meters out and they began moving back from the trash. She picks it up, throws it away and the guy is yelling “thanks” in Spanish and I don’t quite recall what she said back. Anyways, the guy was what seemed like in his 40’s or early 50’s with two kids. Seriously people! Luckily it was raining, they were far out, we were hungry otherwise it would have been a face to face to “kindly” clarify why trash belongs in a bin and not on the floor.

Then, dinner was good.


After a good breakfast our plan was to head out and get a few things checked off our shopping list in preparation for our trip to Asia. We drove out to La Roca and spent a majority of the day strolling and enjoying the weather while shopping a bit for this and that.


Early evening we came home and did the usual. Tim arrived early evening to spend the night for our bike trip the following day, so we enjoyed a vegetarian wok. If you’ve never tried Okra and Bok Choy in a wok, I highly recommend it! Staple ingredients in our woks and various other dishes.

After a bit of chit chatting it was time to hit the sack around 23:30. Alarms set for 05:00am.


05:00am alarm and Tim and I were out the door an hour later to meet up with Filly for our 60km bike ride. More on that in this post. After returning home around 14:00 we had a Mexican-ish lunch before Tim left and I took a power nap with Jayden so Renata could get some work done.

Power breakfast...

Power breakfast…

Early afternoon we went for a walk with the dogs and grabbed some Sushi from one of our favorite places in town – “Teik-it” (favorite only in the sense of variety and quantity. The quality is “Ooookay”). After putting Jayden to bed we actually did a movie night. Something we hadn’t done in a while. We got through two full movies! “Crossing Over” with Harrison Ford and “Unthinkable” with Samuel L. Jackson. Renata then went to bed and I pulled half way through “John Wick” with Keanu Reeves.


Doing some standard cleaning chores before we took a hike in the woods with the dogs meeting quite a few folks we knew along the way. After we got home, just spent the majority of the day with Jayden. Renata got some work in after we had lunch and prior to dinner. An easy day prior to the week starting off full blast again tomorrow.


All in all a great Easter weekend with a mix of activities. I didn’t list everything we did as that would probably lead you to boredom. Either way I hope you had the opportunity to have a great Easter weekend as well, regardless of whether you celebrate this period or not. Time out from our day to day jobs allows us to reflect and replenish our energies.

That being said, keep hustling!


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