You may have noticed one thing about us when it comes to nature – we love to be out and about doing power hikes as often as we can. This includes everything from normal hikes to crawling up walls during those strolls. They aren’t always a nice, slow and relaxing walks through the woods.

We got up yesterday and had already planned out on New Years Eve that we would love to kick start our year by being out and about, away from the city. The criteria was plain and simple;

  • We wanted to be close to water, but away from the sea.
  • The drive shouldn’t be more than a rough hour.
  • The area shouldn’t be crowded by lots of other folks doing the same thing.
  • Hikable paths

We found a great new location for this in the Catalonia region of Osona. To be a bit more precise we ended up near – at some point literally next to – Panta de Sau. The area is absolutely amazing. Especially if you love nature.

It was the first time we strolled these paths and came across some abandoned places before reaching the shoreline of the “Panta”. Breathtaking views and fresh air. This was the way we pictured kicking off January 1st, 2016 and we look forward to heading back soon. There are literally hundreds of paths in the area. If you love to be out and about than make sure to hit this spot at least once. One of many beautiful places Catalonia has to offer in the outdoors. Hit us up and we’d love to come along.

After reaching the reservoir, we drove up to a look out point on the other side close to where the River Teu and the Panta de Sau meet. One last view of our day before heading towards Vic to grab a bite to eat and coffee only to find just about everything closed. It was only 1800 and most places didn’t open until 2000. We hopped back in the car and drove an hour home to conclude our days hike and relax. Keep conquering and crushing limits!


Note: Sometimes folks are confused on the spelling of this region – Catalonia, Catalunya or Cataluña?

All three spellings are correct:

  • Catalonia is English.
  • Catalunya is Catalan, the local language of Catalunya.
  • Cataluña is Spanish.


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