I don’t often blog about “international” days because I find that it has gotten out of hand. Growing up I remember things like Valentine’s day, or World Aids Day, however, like with most things in society we have just gotten out of hand. Every day seems to be some sort of international celebration, from sweatpants day to cat day. Really?

However, International Women’s Day is something I take pride in. I believe it is a day to celebrate the struggles women face in our society. Not that we should not care about these topics (sexual harassment, inequality, etc…) on a daily basis, yet days like this one bring to the forefront of our minds a reason for appreciation and respect for all women. In laymen terms, mankind always needs a reminder for any specific event, in this case, the appreciation of all wives, mothers, and daughters.

I remember sitting in history class roughly two decades ago (one of my favorite classes) and hearing something along the lines of –  “you can judge a nation, and how successful it will be, based on how it treats its women and its girls”. Don’t quote me on that. But this stuck with me, and I truly believe this to be the case.

It is extremely saddening that in 2018 we still need to discuss things like pay, gender equality, the first female president, X% of female CEOs/executives, politicians, etc…seriously? The only real abbreviation that comes to my mind here is WTF?

Honestly, any women to think they are not equal to any man, must be a bit off. My simple take is everyone is created equal. Period. I will not go into any philosophical discussion in the written text here, but honestly, are women not far superior to men in many ways? Women create life, they nourish us, they give us homes, they basically exponentially multiply everything to make it greater.

Why then do we still need to answer questions about pay and gender roles in society of who does what? Usually, it comes down to the power-hungry, greedy, narcissistic men (yes, there are plenty of female examples as well – let’s not be naive) who love money and power more than the well-being of a whole gender.

So back to my quote from high school – tribes, peoples, nations, and humanity as a whole will only be successful if we treat the women in our society with the respect, honor, and love they deserve. Is it not the common good for all?

That said, I am extremely proud and loving of the most important women in my life, my wife, and utmostly thankful for all the women who have been a part of my upbringing, from my mom to my grandma, from classmates to female colleagues.

This one is for you!

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