I love taking pictures and making videos, though I admit I’m not very good at it. My personal perspective. Nonetheless I learn as time goes by.

Either way, I’ve been trying to vlog on our trips as of last year as a remembrance more for us and our families to look back too than anything else. I’ve done other vlogs, have a look at my YouTube channel, and a bunch of random things, but I’ve kept my promise of purely vlogging during each day of our journeys and travels as memoirs for us as a family. Uploading them to YouTube is more of a side thing.

However, I thought that all the vlogs I did were lost when I couldn’t find the media I had it stored on. I don’t upload this to the cloud nor back it up immediately. I tend to that once we get home and I get everything digitally organized. So for several months I thought that a few of our trips were gone, however I cam across them recently and took the time to sift through what material I found and began cutting a few vlogs together. I have come across material for a few additional episodes to put on YouTube. I’m grateful for having found these as there are some clips that are priceless to us.

That being said you can either head over here or go do something else with your time.


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