After months of preparation and work, I have what is for me exciting news which I felt like sharing with all of you.

We have been in Sant Cugat for almost three years now and the one thing that has always been lingering around in my mind is an open platform for all the expats, internationals and locals to connect. Now you may argue that there are plenty of social networks like Facebook that allow you to create groups and create a topic or niche specific cluster to allow exactly that – the connection of expats, internationals and locals. However what I had in my mind goes beyond that. My vision of what I wanted to create goes far beyond a Facebook or Meetup group. I wanted a site connected with a community in more of a structured forum manner. A place people can go and share information about various things in this town and considering that Sant Cugat has 80,000+ inhabitants and roughly 10,000+ internationals – I thought this would make complete sense.

A unified platform for folks living and planning to move here for any purpose to connect and share. Along with that part of the vision includes regular meetups like picnics, movie sessions, eat-outs, etc, among other things. Every major city and almost every country has groups, forums, communities, platforms that connect locals or the internationals living there and I figured why not a town like Sant Cugat.

We began mapping out what we wanted to do a couple months ago. I wanted to make sure that we mind-map everything to include a road map of how we wanted to execute this project. We did not have a lot of bandwidth and this would be something we did in our free time, hence the period of nearly 4 months from mapping everything out to development to releasing the platform.

This has been a project in the making for quite some time now and so Im very excited to announce the release of – where expats, internationals and locals of Sant Cugat meet. A simple straight forward user interface and platform that allows the functionalities we had envisioned for the community to connect. We are continuously working to build it out now. August 1st was the release date and now we will work out bugs and work on enhancements and marketing – along with the roadmap. When this side-project becomes what I envision it to be than we might change up some priorities within the KLG, however for the time being it remains something we work on in our spare time.

Its an exciting opportunity to bring the community together and see how international this town really is.

What are your thoughts on connecting with folks where you live? What networks or channels do you prefer?


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