Today is Sunday which means another 3 days to go until our vacation starts. We decided to take some time off in August, which we normally never do. We love travelling outside of June and August (high seasons) because there is less tourism happening, however when Jayden starts school will also need to adapt to his summer holiday schedule. However for the next couple years we still have the liberty to travel prior to the summer months and after.

Nonetheless, I am excited. We are taking just over a week off and will be travelling to Mallorca. Not far from home, but it will be our first time on the island. This goes for all of us. We have heard lots of positive things and have taken some time to read up and view a few pictures. We have mapped out a few places we want to see and we got some good tips (thanks Eli!) on top of that. The nice thing about this trip is that we wont be completely alone either. We will be meeting up Jayden’s grandparents which means that we can also enjoy a few moments to ourselves. As much as we love travelling with Jayden and being with him, it’s nice to have a few hours during the course of the day to have some mommy/daddy time and enjoy things like going to the movies or biking. Any parent who declines this I truly believe is lying. We are all human and regardless of any circumstance, I believe all parents from time to time appreciate a few hours to be “grown-ups.”

We leave in a few days and are driving down by car. We will be taking a ferry over from Barcelona. We figured this would be easier for us rather than flying as we can then be mobile on wheels throughout the island. Drive around and stop where we want to. We could have flown and rented a car, but in the end we both decided it would be fun to take a larger boat (that has a pool. cafeteria, sun deck and so on that allows us to see things from a new perspective, in this case by sea. You may argue there is nothing to see at sea however water is always soothing. The couple of hours it takes will be a nice ride and having our own car with us will make things easier in regards to packing and unpacking and what not. I’m looking forward to early morning swims, so yes I’ll be bringing my wetsuit along however our apartment also has a pool. Come to think of it, I just may have to do daily vlogs during the course of our trip again to bring all of you along and perhaps for those of you who have not visited, wet your appetite to plan Mallorca into a place you should visit, considering we really do like it.

Also, this comes at a great time in regards to work. Its one of those periods where I could just use a time out and recharge my batteries. In the corporate world, the summer months are usually a tick quieter. By that I mean volumes of emails and deadlines however this year has been a strain in many regards. Not that Im complaining. My work ethic remains my work ethic, but it is just as important to take some time out, balance the scales of your work-life ratio and recharge your batteries by giving your mind a fresh environment.

Mallorca here we come! Not long before we get to meet and greet. Looking forward to meeting you!

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