I sat in the dog park today, and while Athos and Yara were running around began contemplating the fact that we are nearly halfway there and began reflecting. (And by halfway I mean H1 2018 (the first half of the year) has nearly gone by. July 1st is the mark.)

I find reflection extremely important. You need to take life on every day like an athlete getting ready for competition, but it’s just as equally important to reflect on life and your circumstances.

In our day an age, doing so has become a luxury. Everything is getting quicker and as the years go by, we get trained to accept that we NEED everything here and now. There are days I rarely look at my phone or grab my tablet. I enjoy simple and easy days without the feeling of “missing out.” Society no longer hands us the time to reflect, so it is vital that we create those moments on our own.

Technology encompasses us. The other morning we were in the park and a class of school kids came by (approx. 14-16 year olds). Roughly 50% of them began playing, while the other half sat around and had their phones in hand. I would love to see my generation and the next slow down. Get lost in thought. I believe we all have such incredible minds that the way we currently live life can be dangerous because we get caught in the hustle of everything that we no longer teach kids to slow down and reflect. Society is becoming numb to pausing and deep thinking.

Here a few thoughts as to why I find reflection important and why both my wife and I teach our kids to reflect on the previous days and things they did.

1. Reflection = Perspective

Get the big picture. Look at it more clearly. The problem in today’s world is that we get all worked up. We get so busy with everything, whether we become overwhelmed with life-changing circumstances or small mistakes. We lose sight of things that really matter. Whether you’re a student in school, college or full out in the workforce pushing your 9-5. We never take the time to reflect and get perspective. Its all about progress and moving forward. When we reflect, we gain perspective. We can refocus and take action.

2. Reflection = Learning

As much as I like to think that I’m perfect (far from it 🙂 ), we all make mistakes. No one lives a perfect life. That’s part of being human. It’s totally fine as long as we don’t let these mistakes get into our heads and bring us down or just move on without really caring. Reflect on your mistakes. Think of ways of what could have been done better, how can you fix whatever happened and reflect as to how to incorporate a better path of moving forward. I believe a majority of people are afraid and have a fear of failure or making mistakes. I encourage them. When I managed large teams in the corporate environment, Id often challenge employees to do what they thought best, even if at times I knew the potential outcome. Falling down and failing is a huge learning tool and if you reflect on what has happened, you’ll be better in the here and now. Trust me, you’ll gain so much more if you just take a few moments.

3. Reflection = Ideas

A majority of my crazy ideas stem from just talking about the stuff flowing through my head. Primarily with my wife and at other times with close friends or family. But on second thought, it’s mostly my wife. A lot of the ideas I throw at her, regardless of what they may be, are things that come from times of reflection. When you take moments to reflect, and from own experience, I believe that those great ideas are then unlocked and I encourage you to do the same because your ideas are lingering in your subconscious just waiting to come out.

4. Reflection = Environment

Reflection goes a long way when it comes to the environment, and by environment, I mean the people that surround you. It’s absolutely amazing. When you begin reflecting on the recent days or a specific situation, you’ll often begin noticing that others around you may need your help. It’ll give you an opportunity to take someone’s hand and help them in their journey. Whether it’s just listening or lending a hand doing a chore. You let yourself go. You become consciously aware of those in need. So pause, reflect and see who in your immediate surrounding may need help, even if they never asked for it. Our minds work in fascinating ways and you’ll just come across something where you’ll notice, “hey, he/she never mentioned anything…”

In closing…

Reflection to me is just taking some time throughout the course of a day to review what has happened so that I can change the here and now, and make the future better. It’s not about meditating. At least not in this specific sense of awareness. I encourage you to do the same. Our society gets us so entangled in the day to day life of “being,” that we don’t stop to appreciate or analyze the “happening.”

I encourage you to make it a habit do so and reflect on your amazing life. July 1st is right around the corner. Take the time to reflect now and adjust, keep going, or change course if need be to make the remainder of 2018 exactly what YOU want it to be.

That all being said, when did you last take a moment to sit and reflect on ALL the good and ALL the pain you have endured over the past half year?

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