Ive posted a previous article on our summer vacation last year and our stop over at Port Aventura (now archived) and its been a tradition of going there every year for the past four years, each time with new family members or friends. If you know Renata and me, you’ll know that we are huge amusement park fans, especially roller coasters. Last year, we had Jayden along but luckily his Grandma didn’t want to go on every ride which allowed my siblings, Grandpa and us to ride numerous coasters and various other rides.

Why the post?

Who’s going this year? That’s my question and more importantly when? We really enjoy the town of Salou and the park itself has great accommodation. Last year, we stayed at the Callaghan’s which is part of the Port Aventura Hotel Gold River Complex. I just did a search and its nearly booked out for the June time frame (just a random date), and along with that a load of other hotels in the town of Salou are nearly booked as well. The coast is always a big vacation spot, but being around Port Aventura especially for families has its ups.

Again, my call out – who is going and when! Let us know as we might join in on the ride.

That being said, here a few family pictures from last years adventure:


This may not look like much of an entrance however this beautiful hotel was amazing! Hotel Gold River is the Wild West themed hotel complex featuring 3 hotels. Gold River is a four star hotel and the Callaghans is their premium 4 star hotel which sits next to Lucy’s Mansion, their five star hotel. Absolutely amazing. Those stars were way beyond other hotels we’ve been too in the five tar range.











There are literally hundreds of photos however these are a select few to give you an impression of the fun we have each year. I know Filly a good friend of mine went to Disneyland a while back. I’ve been to Disneyland in Florida, but perhaps we might to perhaps once Jayden picks up some of their classical characters. Nonetheless my call out is still valid. Drop us a line or hit me up on twitter if you plan on going or have any interest!

With that have a blast planning your spring and summer vacations, breaks and weekend getaways! Life is to awesome to worry about crap, push hard, crush limits, enjoy moments and create experiences!



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