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Engineer Habits.

A brief guide to help you get s*** done.

Engineer Habits, originally released in September of 2017, has now been updated (2020) as the latest in a series of HPF guides to help you on your personal journey to positive growth. This 52 page packed guide is available to download below in PDF format, absolutely free.

Why should you grab a copy?

Engineering habits is for anyone seeking to create change in their life. For all those who catch the motivational wave to do something, only to become frustrated for not seeing any results. Download this guide if you need to read a few words that may help you plant a seed towards understanding habits.

If you are someone who faces or has faced challenges in completing what needed to get done, regardless of what that may be, then this guide is written for you.

I lay out the strategies and processes that will begin to help you change the way you think about creating and sustaining habits.

Get a sneak peek…

Excerpt I

….Honestly, we interpret too much into motivation and a majority of people misunderstand its actual concept. Motivation is not an attribute. It is not an integral part of who we are. Motivation is an emotion. Something that comes and goes. It’s stirred intrinsically through a variety of factors.

I’m positive you know exactly what happens (to you) when that motivation hits. At the blink of an eye, you have a great idea. You then ride that wave only to reach the shoreline tired. You give up because you no longer want to paddle out to catch the next wave – in other words, complete task after task to reach your goal.

The change that needs to happen in this scenario is that you need to use those motivational bursts to set you up for the long run. Not tackle the immediate tasks. You need to support yourself by laying out a strategy that will assist in making it easier for you to paddle back out every time you surf back in…

Excerpt II

…Let’s go back to our gym example. If you and Michelle Lewin (for the ladies) or Rich Froning Jr. (for the men) walked into a gym – say you had the best gear – new shoes, new shorts, Lycra tank top, gloves and sweatband on and all they had were torn shorts, old shoes, no gloves, and a plain cotton shirt and the two of you went at it in a cross-fit competition. Who do you think would win?

See, regardless of the motivation you have, you need to know that everything around your goal becomes irrelevant if you do not execute. In other words, without the actual doing, you cannot form lasting habits and rituals.

Forget the Lycra top and new shoes. You need to focus on the right things and execute on/at the right time. In the case of our gym example, it’s about setting that bit-sized time slot into your weekly schedule and executing it by going to the gym. Putting points 1 and 2 from above into practice….

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