What I highly recommend.

I want to share with you the websites and tools I use, and hence have curated a list dedicated to those products and services that I strongly recommend. These recommendations may be useful on both a personal or professional level or for building and growing your business.

Every recommendation I list here only includes products or services that I use, or have used and that have either ben a crucial part of my personal life or resourceful in running and growing my businesses.

Please do know the following: A few of the links provided on this page may be affiliate links. In other words, if you make a purchase or sign up for a paid service, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no extra cost to you and often may be beneficial for both you and myself. Know that each recommendation on this page comes from personal experience and the reason I list them here is because I have found them useful or helpful, not because I receive a small commission should you decide to purchase something. I highly recommend you not spend any money on any products or services that you do not need, that do not support your journey in life, or that will not help you achieve your goals.



SIS (Science in Sport) is a leading sports nutrition company that develops, manufactures, and markets innovative sports supplements and nutritional products for use by athletes and sports enthusiasts.

I take my sports nutrition seriously. I have tried it all from Powerbar and Weider to Aptonia and other brands, but SIS has been THE brand I now grab where I actually feel a difference. Whether protein bars, energy gels, or other products SIS offers. They are a premium brand that will make a difference in your athletic performance.



DeGiro is a Dutch brokerage company, based in Amsterdam. They give you access to over 60 international exchanges and as a rule of thumb offer amazingly low transaction fees versus other competitors. They are an award-winning company, having swept up over 35+ international awards including FT, Handelsblatt, Investment Trends and Golden Bull.

DeGiro is my trading platform of choice as the company offers a web-based, desktop and mobile platform. Sign up for an account and start investing.