Saturday is my off day. The day where I just wake up and get to enjoy the day, no sports, no “worries,” no nothing. I get to spend time with family and do whatever our agenda pleases, depending on whether or not we have something planned and usually we do. However it’s our plan, our agenda and it involves some form of relaxing. Whether that’s out taking a stroll in the city, going to the park and playing with Jayden, heading to the beach or anything else of that matter.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post relaxing is OK, when it is planned and your agenda allows. You need to focus and you need to hustle, but Saturdays is my off day. However, even if I have nothing scheduled on my training plan except relax I still tend to go out and do something. Today for example I had the urge to go for a bike ride and once I was out, got a flat, had no spare parts or equipment with me (which I usually do), but decided not to pack anything today, for all days, and came back home. I then decided to grab the dogs in the middle of the day and head out to the jungle gym to get some training on. It was roughly 33 degrees Celsius and it felt good. Did some arms and core exercises while the dogs were running around. A little while later returned home and took a nice cold shower. Everyone should have access to water, especially on warm days. Fresh cold water.

So even on my off days, I feel like a I need to push my body to do something. This has both a positive and negative effect. Your body needs to rest. Yow need to listen to your body. Like all things in life, whether its work or sports, a reasonable balance of the scales is what you need. Even if you have switched your mindset to hustle hard, keep in mind that you need to shut down once in a while and plan accordingly. Even when I train on Saturdays or we go swimming along the coast, I do it with caution and ease. I don’t work to my fullest because I know I need to keep reserves. My body needs to recuperate. So does yours. Whether your sleeping only a few hours a day, training like a maniac for your next triathlon, or studying your mind blank to pass your next exam, remember that there is no harm in relaxing, shutting down and being peaceful when it is planned and according to schedule.

With that, have fun, find your day of peace and do what ever you feel like doing. Its like a mini-vacation for the hear, mind and soul. My days are Saturdays. What day is your “free for all” day?

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