It is that time of year again. Thousands upon thousands of students will be graduating and you just might be one of them (if you have not graduated already by the time you read this) and a majority of you despite having graduated in “something” may still have no idea what you want to do with your life. The only reason you took those classes and selected a specific major could have been for several various reasons. And guess what. That is totally cool. Seriously. Don’t panic.

You should definitely not be stressed about the fact that you are now entering the “real world.” How often have you heard that the least few years? Now, what you should be considering – and take it from me, I know, is that you, despite of what you thought college/university was going to be, are now entering a time in your life, this 5-7 year window that is going to be your absolute greatest!

I’m going to make the assumption that a majority of you are around the age of 22, and for that matter and what I want to point out here in this post – you don’t need a college degree for to execute on what I’m about to dispense. And the execution here is key along with two things you need to understand. No “and’s,” “but’s,” “or’s” and so forth.

You may or may not have just graduated college/university so now its time to sit down and first acknowledge that you are beginning the wildest journey in your life. Secondly, for a majority of you this is your key moment – it’s risk time. It’s not time to waste away sitting in a cubicle, it’s not that moment to play it safe and get that job your parents always wanted you to get. It surely is not that time to stack up your savings and buy a crazy car. The most precious thing you will ever have is not money, its not family, its not an academic degree – its TIME. Time to hustle for money, time to spend and create experiences with you’re family, time that allows you to continuously educated yourself as long as you breathe. So if there is one thing you need to take out of this than its the fact that most of you need to realize that you have a finite window frame of time. Five for some, two for others, perhaps seven for some for you to go out and conquer the life you want. To take on the world and all its hindrances to achieve what you want to win.

Remember don’t panic. You might be sitting there wondering what am I supposed to do now. I have no idea, no direction, no thoughts. That still remains completely valid. Go tackle things. Try out new things, get a job here, travel there. At some point it’ll hit you. Recall those days where you thought all this is tough. Late night studying, classes, homework and papers? Trust me. That was easy. 16 years of classes were easy. Every school is definitely easy. You know why? Because everything was structured. The real world. The things you need to tackle now to win. Those things will be hard because the world changes every single day.

Regardless of what you have been thinking the world would be like – the world is going to be exactly the way it is without any regards to you and what you thought it would be. Whatever plans you have already made for yourself, things will change. And you need to adapt. The past years your parents have been telling you what they think is best. Study hard, get a good internship and when you graduate make sure you get a good paying job with job security. Guy’s that’s just a bunch of BS. All they are really saying is “please do not take any risks. Do what we did and make sure you save along the way.” Don’t get me wrong, our parents want the best for us however for you, right now at this moment in your life you need to acknowledge, you need to understand, to recognize that the time is now. The time is finite. The time where you CAN take risks is right at your doorstep.

The contradiction

You are going to think I’m crazy but the next years of your life will be the opposite of what I just mentioned above. They will rock your world and be the easiest of your life. No matter if you know where you want to go and do or if you don’t. This is your change to try doing what you love and what you want to do. What allows you to do so? You have no weight to carry.

I get it. I’ve walked in the same pair of shoes. You may have college loans to repay, a huge financial burden. Your parents expect you come home in suit in tie and make them proud with your first paycheck. That’s tough. You don’t want to disappoint them. On top of that you may have several other obligations you need to follow through on. However your window is here and is now!

Many of you have no kids, your probably not married and you don’t’ need to care after your career at company X. Im not saying these things are bad. I love my life and would never change it for the world. But if I could go back 10 years (no regrets though), there would be the one or other thing I would simply have done differently. Nonetheless, use the time to achieve your goals.

TIME is the absolute and only top asset and right now is the perfect moment with all that flexibility to use it.

I know some of you will reach out and tell me about all their obligations. I understand. But your loan will still be there regardless if you build on your dream or not. You can wake up in three years time to your 25th birthday, begin something practical and manage to pay off your loans and debts.

The problem with us, and Im throwing all of us in a bucket here is that you would rather take a great paying job that maximizes an extra $5k a year bonus, to pay off you loan and save some money (or to get that new iPhone, nice deco for the small apartment, etc)  rather than taking a lower paying job that may actually be more fun and suit you better.

Regardless of your situation, the time to hustle is now. You use those 18 hours a day given to you graciously.

Don’t worry about a “specific job.” Go for happiness instead. Travel, get to know cultures, learn even more, start learning a new language, give that business idea a go, start a band, etc. Be so risk oriented that everyone around you thinks you have gone insane. Because those that think that will never experience what you are about to experience. You are creating memories for life. And who knows, your passion just might rake in the cash. Trust me, there will be plenty of time to reverse that risk later, should you have fallen face down, failed, or things went slower than expected. I’m a great example. I did a lot of BS in my days. And I mean things like starting a company to travelling the globe. Despite having said that I may have wanted to change the one thing or other, today Im corporate and I am doing very very well. And guess what I’ve only been on this planet some three odd decades (so trust me). Understand that what you choose to do right now is what will impact you for the next decades of your life.

“Let’s go” attitude

When you are in your 20’s, you can grind the hardest because as I mentioned previously. You do not have all that extra weight, that baggage that comes along in later stages of life. I can dispense this advice and thought to 40 and 50 year olds and they wouldn’t understand. They can’t get up and say “let’s go” the way you can because there will be a million other things keeping you down (which is totally cool at that point as well).

If you’ve graduated, your willing, determined and focused, even without any clue of where you are heading. That’s fine. Because you hold your future in your hands. No one is luckier than you at this very moment. Remember that.

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