I love computer hardware and over the years have jumped from various brands for various reasons (editing, gaming, working) however have primarily stuck with Asus in most cases.

My primary computer is a recently purchased, more powerful which I have been very happy with. It is a bit bulky and the build isn’t the smoothest, however it’s a PC that typically sits on my desk. It has 8GB of DDR3 RAM (I’m going to look into upgrading to at least 16GB), however the 8GB are more than sufficient at the moment. 1TB HDD (to be upgraded to SSD when I get around to it), and an i7 3.0GHz CPU with a Nvidia Gefore 920M 2GB graphics card, all on the Windows 10 operating system (which I’m not a fan of, but I have not had the time to downgrade to Windows 7).

Underneath my desk I have an actual desktop, which I call the dinosaur (as it’s roughly 4 years old). Its an  Acer M3900 sporting 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 1TB Seagate HDD, however I upgraded to an OCZ SSD about a year ago making the HDD a secondary backup drive. It has an Intel Core 2 Q9300 Quadcore CPU with anATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB graphics card running Windows 7. I don’t use it much these days unless I need certain data. Ill then connect it to the home network.

I do roughly 90% of my personal work on the Asus at my desk so I can get away with a less powerful and slender laptop for the couch or while travelling. I’m still looking into a (preferably) Asus ultrabook at some point this year for that purpose however for the time find that our Asus Transformer Book T100HA does the trick for life on the go. The only downside to this is the space on the HDD. So I carry an extra portable WD Elements drive(500GB) or a Seagate Portable Drive (1TB) with me. Plain HDDs, no SSD’s here.


When I work at my desk, I used my faithful Logitech – Performance Mouse MX, however about two weeks ago it died on me. I dropped too often. So, until I get another one Im currently using the Kult#1 by Bluestork – a cheap gaming mouse that does the job, but isn’t up to par with the MX.

I use the Bluestork when I travel as its wired and I don’t need to worry about charging or breaking it. The MX is my primary one and will be replaced shortly. I’m a big fan of wireless mice.


Ive never really considered keyboards important aside from the keyboard on a notebook. I use to have a Logitech G105s back in the day however for nearly 6 years now have been using a wireless Logitech K260 as my keyboard of choice. It’s more compact than the G105s, is wireless as mentioned and fairly comfortable for my hands. On top of that It also has the right hot keys for my work flows and it pairs easily with Logitech’s Unifying software.


I use to work with two large LCD monitors however through my corporate work have become use to the notebook screen and a single larger display. The additional benefit is the extra space. However I may go back to using two external screens at some point. I sold my Philips 23″ in mid 2015, gave the BenQ 22″ to my wife, and opted for a sole LG 27″ IPS LED display to get my work done.

I have been very happy with it and may opt for a second one should I feel the need for it. Otherwise I will upgrade to something like the LG31MU97Z once I have my own office again.


Honestly, my desk is nothing fancy. I’ve had several over the years, one even being 2.5 meters long. My current desk is custom-sized bamboo top, 1.50m long and 60cm deep. I got four legs from a local hardware store and screwed them in. My desk has moved from space to space and now is part of the guestroom, however I like my working corner. Plenty of light, spacious area around me and quickly reachable accessories when I need them.

At some point when we move into our house and I have my own separate office again, Ill invest into a good piece of hardware here.


I have several pieces of audio hardware for various purposes. I typically use the standard LG Quadbeat3 headset in red that came along with my mobile handset as I find the sound to be fairly decent for a standard manufactured piece included with a mobile phone – and its practical as a hand-less headset for speaking while on the go. The audio is well worth it.

At my desk I’ll typically use my wired Philips SHL 3160, primarily evenings when I’m working away, producing music or creating any other audio content. Otherwise Ill stream music over the Sonos system or utilize my wireless bluetooth Sony MDR-ZX339BT, which I primarily use when I’m moving about our home and want to listen to something specific while getting chores done like listening to a podcast, rather than streaming across all the rooms on the Sonos or when in bed rather than reading.

For my runs and workouts I use an old pair of Philips headphones unless I grab my buff and use some in-ears laying around instead.

Audio at home

Roughly two years ago after we had moved into our new home my wife and I began pondering options for an audio system and after having looked at various options include BOSE, LG and Sony, we opted for the Sonos. And honestly has been a great investment. We now have a Sonos in nearly every room and considering we love to stream music, listen to news, podcasts, and utilize different rooms for different things at different times, the Sonos setup covered it all. I could be in my office listening to something while my wife could be in her work room streaming music. Anyhow, if your looking to invest into an audio system I would definitely recommend the Sonos. Its not on the lower end, however your not going to be shelling out 4 digits here either.


Mobile Phone

I have had too many phones, but along with that must say that I have fallen in love with LG’s G series. This for various reasons. Currently my main phone is an LG G4, but I also have the LG G3s (which we gave away to my father-in-law), LG G2 white, LG G2 black (which has a broken screen), Samsung S2 and an HTC Desire S. I really enjoy the G4, have considered upgrading to the G5 but at this point have no need too.

Mobile Phone Cover

If you are like me, than you’re dropping your phone at least once a day. I drop it all the time, however I have found THE case for me and any mobile that I have. I know covers are a “thing” and there are plenty of stores where you can get any type of cell phone cover, however I have opted for the Spigen LG G4 Case Slim Armor in Champagne color as I have the LG G4 Gold. It’s an amazing case that has not failed me once. I had a Slim Armor on my LG G2 that did the trick as well. Great product.