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Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve noticed it – empty shelves. And during the pandemic it made sense from both a manufacturing and production standpoint all the way through logistics – borders closing, companies evaluating their strategy forward, impact on the workforce, etc.

However, today, over a year later we still have a massive shortage in everything from copper, iron, steel, to corn, wheat, soybeans through to lumber, semiconductors, plastic and for goodness’ sake cardboard! (And often common sense, but yeah Ill leave that at that.)

The issue as I currently see it is that companies are aggressively stocking up and buying all the material they can get in order to survive this huge wave and speed at which the demand for goods is recovering and assuage their initial fear of running out.

The issue with this is that the entire supply chain, on a global level, is becoming blocked. Hiccups at one spot will cause ripple effects elsewhere, leading to prices going up and these additional costs being passed on to customers as inflation. Just keep note of something at your local supermarket and watch its price carefully over the next months.

I have a very simple solution to all of this. It sounds crazy and naive, but it could work.

Stepping back and looking at this picture holistically, one needs to understand that we cannot exploit our planet infinitely. Sooner or later resources will run out.

So please do our planet the favor and use my solution.

Let’s look at reducing demand, rather than trying to figure out how we enhance supply.

It’s our responsibility to the planet, and to the next generation. So rather than hashtags around “save the planet”, I propose we start with #saveourspecies!


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