Hi Guys,

As always, let me be straight forward with you. Sunday is the start of my training week and so it will be part of my weekly cycle on the blog as well. I originally intended to publish some my thoughts around a personal celebration around with some photos, postponing other posts to fit this one in, however it is now 01:24am as I am writing these lines and it has been a wonderful, relaxing but long day.

I do feel exhausted and am having trouble tipping at this point due to sleepiness, but I wanted to make sure that I keep my commitment to all of you, posting a blog every day at 08:00am CET. We got in roughly 45min ago, put Jayden in his crib and sat down for a good 10 minutes on the balcony of our hotel room to reflect on the day. It was a nice day and I’ll share some photos with you shortly. Perhaps in tomorrows post when I get around to actually putting together the content and material that I had, as previously mentioned, intended to share today.

Today’s plan as it’s already Sunday is to get up at 0730, do a few exercises to get the blood flowing, shower and than head down to breakfast somewhere between 08:15-08:30. I love breakfast at hotels, especially when the selection is great and typically 5 star hotels should have quality food. To be frank, breakfast this morning was OK, but Ill write that up on a separate post as well. Have some thoughts on what I would like to do moving forward in terms of a few additions, but want to make sure I do them right. After that we will head over to the pool area, if the weather allows, and relax a bit. Checkout is at noon however we have an additional two hours which we wont utilize to the fullest as we’d like to drive back, perhaps make a short stop before heading fully home, picking up the dogs from the hotel and then unpacking and enjoying the rest of our Sunday afternoon and evening.

I hope you all have had an awesome weekend. I have! Am really thankful for all these blessings I get – beautiful and amazing family (even if we are distributed all over), awesome friends (no matter where they are on this planet) and such an amazing life. Money cant buy you happiness nor time, but remember it provides freedom to do certain things with those previous assets. I’m grateful!

Keep hustling and remember stick with it, no matter how tedious the task!

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