I didn’t want to write a whole post on 2015. Another great year. Lots of time traveling, working, sports, gaining weight, sports again, family, family, family and tons of other things that just enrich my life and the experiences Im blessed to have. The below photos are a very┬ásmall snapshot of 2015 and dont include everyone or everything…I apologize for this. I scanned our NAS with over 15000 photos for 2015 in less than 15min to grab a few photos so you all could have a glimpse. Not all the cool things or everyone is on here. But all the moments of ’15 were amazing. Lets create more of that in ’16.

With that enjoy. Thank you to all family and friends, mentors and haters. I love and wish all of you the best. Hustle hard and lets crush and conquer 2016, hard!


Note: Photos in no particular order…

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