I have utilized the opportunity to make money online and as I mentioned in yesterday’s post I want to take some time this week to reflect on one specific topic this week, which is “income.” I’d like us to look at the possibilities and opportunities you have when it comes to increasing your income because let’s face it, we all would like to have a bit more, wouldn’t we? And no matter who you are or what you do I truly believe that with the right mindset, the right hustle, anyone and everyone can make money especially online.

To kick off the series in today’s post I want to share a few thoughts on what it takes to actually make money.

Forget what others think

This goes for just about any area of life. I am a true believer of this aside from some exceptions like advice from family, friends and mentors. This is also very true when it comes to financial success. Everyone that has “made it” has had critics along the way. If you never want to be criticized than do not seek success, in other words accomplish nothing and you are good to go. But I assume that most of you, especially if you are reading this, would like to have a certain level of success. And with that success will come those that are skeptical, people that are negative to you and what you do, they may laugh, ridicule you and so forth. I have gone through similar situations at certain points of life with various things I have done. However, the key is to not pay them any attention.

Here a fun clip from an old song I like. “The Rock” says it best – “It doesn’t matter what other people think.”

Consider anyone in any position, let’s take President Obama as an example. I like him. I think he has done some great things and other things where I think “why?” But that’ the beauty of free thinking. Anyways, you’ll find critics left and right of him blasting him for something he has said or done. That’s life. And you know what. He deals with it. I’ve seen some great examples on YouTube where he takes questions or statements of critics and gives them fantastic answers. Critics are everywhere and in all things. Learn to deal with them and forget what they have to say unless it is something you may find relevant for you to enhance whatever you are doing.

The issue with critics, and don’t get me wrong here, we are all guilty of criticizing, is that people like to observe things from the sideline of life. They criticize the players in life rather than getting into the game themselves. And the answer as per why is because it’s easier that way. And the thing about those folks, no one remembers any significant contribution they may have made.

When it comes to making money, especially online, what you are doing is taking a stand for your financial future and no one else’s. You are trying something that others won’t. And others will scoff you for it. Because it’s easier and most people will want you to fail. That unfortunately is the greedy side of human nature. I remember one of my first online business endeavors. I invested a significant amount of time to create a plugin for a specific piece of software that a few people thought would end up no where. A few months later things looked a bit different. I did not care what I heard. I moved forward with my path and that is what I want you to understand as well. Do not focus on the critics, ignore them and surround yourself with like minded people who want to walk the same path as you. That is one important step to moving forward financially.

Discipline and consistency

I have said it before and you’ll hear it again – “Rome was not built in a day.” Discipline, broken down is simply the “doing” of essential things every single day, even when you do not feel like doing them. As in my previous example of creating a plugin. In the end, that is a product and launching a new product is no fun. Its takes a tremendous amount of discipline to get it done, remain focused and finish the task at hand.

There is always a part of you that may want to take a break and go do something else. Like watching a movie, watching a football game, laying on the couch or going out for a drink. If you have got financial freedom, than be my guest and do those things however until then you need to stay focused, stay disciplined and commit to a certain number of hours grinding, every single day and making choices that reflect that attitude.

This is how I approach many things in life and I’ll be dead honest with you here – its tough. There are days I fail and moments that I get weak. Often I take on too much because there are things that get me excited only to later notice my discipline is down the drain. And that’s unfortunate because many of those things are potential money making machines. Regardless I still approach my corporate day like this – despite working for someone else I treat what I do as if I was running my own business and in my personal business I try to approach things in this fashion. I need to get the essential things done. The little things you do on a daily basis will add up. If you can carry that thought and actionable process over into your financial mind than you are another step closer to success. And I know it’s tough. Many of you have hard full time jobs that consume a lot of your time. You get home late, you are tired, you decide to grab a quick bite in front of the TV to catch up on some news or watch your favorite show, all while telling yourself this is “okay, because I have earned it.” But what if you changed your mindset and you came home tired but rather that grabbing a bit to eat and watching TV you sat down to execute on your business – whether that’s blogging, selling things online, editing a video, drawing, etc. Whatever it is that is your passion (and this applies to just about anything) go execute on it, because the choice you make when you come home may just be that one that will bring you another stone closer to quitting your job and pursuing your dreams because the financial aspect is in place.

You may think – “Hermann, what the heck? It’s only one night.” Well my friends guess what, those nights add up. What’s the big deal if you watch TV just another night? You may talk yourself into that and that it is only a single night off, however what soon was a single night becomes two, becomes three and then its months and years we begin talking about, no? Isn’t that why you grind the 9-5 rather than living life the way you want to live it? While you are resting, other’s are grinding in all sense of the word getting ahead of you and this is true for the financial aspect in your life as well.

Every time you make the conscious choice, the right decision, and execute the actions to build your future/current business – and I don’t care if you coach, sell beads or paintings online or design websites,  – when you do these things even when you do not feel like doing them, you give yourself tremendous power. Think of it this way. When you look down the road a year from now, the sum of all those minor decisions will be the total result of where you are that day. Make sure you make the right choices and that you have the discipline and consistency to do so.


This very much ties into the first point to a certain extent, but to attain financial freedom and success you need to believe. You need to believe in yourself, the process and you need to believe what you are doing is worth the time and effort of doing it. Aside from the aforementioned critics you will have a strong critic right there next to you, at all time. That critic is you! At times you’ll be frustrated, you’ll be infuriated, you’ll be depressed and you will begin criticizing yourself, doubting and wondering why you ever started doing what your doing. Its not making you any money anyways, or? Perhaps those few Euros from the last sale are not worth the time investment and you should just stop. You lay in bed at times wondering whether your idea is even business viable and/or like with training at the gym with no experience, you simply lack the results.

The key is to believe. Believe that what you are doing is worth it. It is your passion and things will roll themselves out. Never stop executing. At some point whether sooner or later, it’ll click and you will begin figuring things out. Maybe you have been making a mistake in your sales pitch or maybe your product isn’t aimed at the right age group – try whatever you need to try until you find the one way, thing or method that makes you successful. The only time in that process you will actually ever fail is if you give up. Once you get the first ball rolling the rest will follow.

Believe, hustle and things will work out. I’m a believe that the universe sends things at its time. You just need to continue actioning on whatever it is you want/are doing to make money and even when you fall into the deepest pit, believe!

Start doing

I’ve said it already – execute. Many of you think that you need to continuously learn before you can begin selling your skills however that is not true. I am a huge advocate of life long learning. I love learning. Everything. And I believe that self education is much more of a reflection on what kind of life you will live because it shows how much you are willing to hustle. However, you may have heard the statement “Knowledge is power.” I use that as well, however in and of itself that gained knowledge or the know-how you may have and want to monetize has no value. Your knowledge needs to be applied.

That is logic, no? It makes no sense to fill your head with theory if you are not taking any actions through that. You can learn all you want about bikes, but if at some point you dont begin building, maintaining, or pitching bike parts to someone, you’ll never make any money. You know something, good for you, but tomorrow you’ll still be ending up in the office because your not making any sales with your bike knowledge. So what’s the rule of thumb – see it like this. Whatever you learn, apply it three time over in executing it.

Again, the key is execute it. Don’t wait until you feel you have had enough time to master something. Go and do it. You can continue learning while you are already executing on your idea to make money. Learning by doing as they say.

Closing thoughts

AS we kick off this week on the topic of “income”, I hope that the above gives you some food for thought on expanding your thinking, encouraging you to be bolder when it comes to the opportunities you have to increase your disposable income, to make money and move forward financially. Many of the things I mention are logical and you just need to remind yourself to be bold. The opportunities you have are endless and living a completely different life than where you are now in say a year from now is absolutely possible. A life where money is no longer the focus, but only a means to enjoy your most precious asset, time.

That being said, remember, if you want financial freedom, you need to change your way of thinking. You need to enhance yourself, your skills, but you also need to be consistent and persistent in executing the,. It will take time and hard work. Nothing, especially financial freedom comes easy. And believe, building something for yourself, like your own business, your own income is a beautiful thing. It’ll be a decision you never regret.

Believe that you can do it, hustle through massive action and start doing it right now!

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