This past weekend we took Jayden on his first flight and we believe that it was a great experience, for both him and for us. Our worries were not that he would be obnoxiously loud and annoy fellow passengers, rather the only real concern we had was the in-flight pressure that might close up his ears and thus cause him to cry, which could eventually lead to fellow passengers becoming annoyed. Other then that we had no other thoughts with plane travelling. Often it seems as if parents need to bring along an excuse for travelling with their babies. As if planes were a library with a big “pssst” sign on them. I understand that travelers often use plane time to work or relax and sleep – I do the same and a screaming baby isn´t exactly what most (if anyone) wants, but in the end it is what it is, regardless of whether he would cry and be loud or sleep and be “quiet” per se. Deal with it folks. We were once all kids.


The Trip

We left home, drove to the parking terminal, got everything done quickly in terms of having the car registered, handing off the keys and were then transfered to the airport. The only downside despite having requested it during booking was a car seat for transfer between the car lot and the airport terminal. In the end we held him tight in our arms and he seemed to enjoy the ride. Upon arrival at the airport we got our luggage, unfolded his buggy and off to check-in we went. Check-in was quick and friendly. Everywhere we go and in all instances a baby attracts attention. As bad as the comparison might be, but its like a puppy. Dogs are cute when they are small and only a couple months old – like babies. But once they get a bit older and are actually dogs (even if playful) – like kids – aside from still being stars in the eyes of their parents they are one of many fish in the sea, no? They just ain’t cute anymore.


From check-in we went to security and we thought the process to have everything checked would take quite some time however were positively surprised at how quick everything went along with the friendliness and help we received from the staff at security.IMG_8759-w1920-h1080

After sitting down at one of the restaurants to grab a bite for breakfast, Jayden wanted to get out and look about. We strolled around for another 30min before boarding began.

Typically, families with children, business class, those with priority boarding are called up first, but personally both Renata and I enjoy boarding as one of the last ones. Its not like your in the metro station and the plane is going to close it’s doors if you don’t rush on first. I know people are worried about their carry-ons and space, but folks everyone has a spot (I’ve written about that a long time ago, but the blog has had a fresh start so you wont find it anymore).

Upon arrival at the front door of the plane we took Jayden out, folded his stroller, took our carry-ons and went to our seats in the front row. Prior to take off, Jayden was playful and people were smiling. He was looking out the window and making his usual noises. Once we got going, Renata began feeding him which of course caused him to become drowsy and after he was done eating he fell asleep. After roughly an hour he woke up and was his playful self until we landed.


The funny thing during the trip, despite having checked our luggage multiple times was the fact that we forgot the baby wipes because Jayden had a nice little push during the flight which probably raised some eyebrows. Renata took him and cleaned with toilet paper until we landed and got him properly wiped.

Over-all the flight was good and our return trip home was fairly similar so I wont go into details about that. However we do want to dish out a few thoughts/tips on our travelling with a four month old.


Things we learned & tips for other parents while traveling:

  • Luggage with 4 wheels is very practical, especially when you have a stroller along.
  • Double check your babies carry-on to ensure you have
    • Baby wipes
    • At least x amount of diapers
    • A change of clothes
    • Bottles and formula (if needed)
    • One to two toys
    • Pacifier
    • Bibs

All in all, your typical baby bag yet make sure you follow travel regulations, concerning liquids etc. We also took along a bigger jar of baby food and it was no problem.

  • A light weight travel stroller is recommended (we have the Quinny Zapp Extra 2 – you could also go for the previous version which is a bit cheaper). We left our tank at home.
  • Due to air pressure – feed (if possible) during take off and perhaps during landing. If not pacifier was also okay for Jayden.
  • Babies love crisping sounds (duh), so Jayden enjoyed playing with the puke bags in the front chair.
  • Ensure you have a bottle of water
  • Upon check-in request, if possible, empty seating areas
  • With a baby that cant walk yet, we found it more practical to take the stroller to the doors of the plane – if possible (we took along our Boba Baby Carrier just in case this wasn’t possible). Again, this very much depends on the age of your child.

In the end, don’t get yourself stressed out about travelling because it is an awesome experience to do so with your baby. Take it step by step, ensure you have enough time to get through all the hassles and make sure you enjoy your trip! It really is that simple. Don’t worry about everyone else.

What other tips would you have for us? What are your experiences? Please share with us in the comments below. Thanks.

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