I’m an ambitious guy. Period.

However that means that I am working on a lot of different projects at the same time.

  • Family
  • Corporate job
  • Athletic Endeavors
  • KLG
  • My Blog
  • 22ent
  • Byszanto
  • TriTribe
  • Photography and Videography

The list goes on and on and on. Many of these projects revolving around my business endeavors I’ve slowly killed off for various reasons – some with lots of potential, but you simply can’t be superhuman and do everything at once. I often have to learn this the hard way due to my ambitious nature of wanting to achieve everything here and now (Consistency is also a post Im getting around too). Life just doesn’t work like that and I often need to be knocked down to realize that. Looking back in life, I have achieved a significant amount of success in a very short period. Things I dont mind sharing and other things people don’t really know, aside from immediate family.

However the thing is there are some days – like today where I feel as if it is absolutely impossible to be working on some of these projects, let alone write a post on being ambitious. I pushed a nearly 10 hour corporate day that sucks my brain dry and sometimes, like now I wish I would only be working on one thing instead of a multitude of projects across the board. But no, I have this uncompromising ambition which means I want everything done yesterday and that instead of multi-tasking, I just multi-project.

I don’t want this post to be a story of how I can’t seem to cope with everything. How I cant find the time for everything and how I am not executing well enough to be happy, content or successful in some of these areas. I am incredibly happy with my life and I have countless blessings for which I am eternally grateful for.

Yet, this uncompromising ambition has a few consequences.

I have sacrificed most of my hobbies in life as a result of my ambition. I cant check the internet anymore without checking emails, sales and/or progress on my different ventures. I primarily read business or web related books. I use to read a lot of biographies and fiction, but Ive only read two mindless novels in the past year or so. I often find it difficult now to shut down and relax and let my thoughts wander because Im always veering off to new ideas, optimizations or business experiments.

Is it that bad? I figure not. In fact, this ambition is most likely a good thing, because for the sake of simplicity it makes me work hard. As naive as it may sound – the countless hours and efforts, in say my corporate job, have brought me to a level most wont reach in that same period. The thought of why labor so hard for someone else? Deep down I know that everything doesn’t need to be finished yesterday, that I need to delegate and prioritize more and that I need to go back to the days of where I could utilize my skill of switching off properly. Walking in the woods and just enjoying nature and the dogs.

Its just that some days, like today, feels like a complete stand still. No creativity. Brain-dead and absolutely not productive when it comes to running my business.

Now Im going to grab a tea and have some fun with the dogs and Jayden.

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