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I love writing. I’m not particularly good at it, but I love it.

It allows me to reflect on my thoughts and grind through topics of interest to myself and scramble through a thought-process that eases the soul. However, as you can tell I have not done much writing over the past months, albeit having a lot of draft posts I need to finish.

That is why I want to try something completely different and utilize more short-form posts which I will call briefs.

I love writing long-form posts on a specific topic, however, in order to get back to writing more, I will begin dispelling short briefs – too long for a Twitter post, however, too short for a proper blog post.

I will still continue to write long-form posts on subjects I feel need more quality time and preparation, however, there is also a lot of stuff in between that I want to share, and will do so in these briefs. So I will begin experimenting with this section on the site with short posts, things I want to share like travel updates, or side-projects I am working on, all the way to new products I’m using without having to do an in-depth review each time. Like I mentioned, I do want to get back to regular blogging and invest time into qualitative blog posts. (This site use to have 400+ posts before I scratched it and redid everything).

Enjoy my new little creative outlet. Less text, simple layout, and generally less stuff.

Let me know what you think via Twitter or email as I move forward on this little experiment.


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