This past weekend we spent some time up north, roughly an hour away from Barcelona on the Costa Brava. This was part the surprise for my birthday that my wife had organized (and regarding my birthday, tomorrow’s post will include some thoughts on the past year). Friday evening after work we dropped the dogs off at the Dog Hotel. The reason I call that is because it really is like a hotel. There are no traditional kennels and what not. The dogs roam freely. There are separate spaces in case certain breeds or characters don’t go along well with each other. Anyways, after dropping them off we drove up north. A little bit more than an hour later and we arrived at our hotel in Lloret de Mar. Now Lloret is not one of the places either one of us would recommend along the Costa Brava, but it was the closest to Blanes where we had friends that we were meeting up as part of my surprise. And I have to say it was an amazing get-a-way. A weekend with no work, just relaxing and really shutting off. Here a few pictures to share with all of you:

Our hotel

We stayed at the Gran Hotel Guitart Monterrey, which was a decent five start hotel. Honestly, if you guys know me well I like to dispense stars for hotels. I would have classified this as a four star (maybe even 4* premium). Overall it was a nice experience though and the only five star hotel in the area. However if you plan a trip to this part of the Costa Brava, recommendable!

Our hotel

IMG_3450 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3461 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3465 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3466 - Copy-w1920-h1080

Pool and outdoor area

Absolutely amazing. Relaxing and very spacious. Two pools, green grass, a volleyball area, a children’s playground, a bar with snacks, outdoor restaurant, walk way for some strolling, and outdoor terrace and evening lounge.

IMG_3425 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3420 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3412 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3409 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3407 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3401 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3400 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3379 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3358 - Copy-w1920-h1080

Out and about in Lloret and Blanes

When we arrived Friday evening we grabbed a bite to eat at Subway and Jayden got his own sub as well! The kid is eating like crazy! We strolled a bit through Lloret and spent some time walking through Blanes. We actually then dropped Jayden off at our friends in the evening to go to the beach in Blanes for fireworks and some relaxing mommy/daddy time. Simply awesome.

IMG_3304 - Copy-w1920-h1080


IMG_3306 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3310 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3319 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3322 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3324 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3326 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3328 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3330 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3339 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3342 - Copy-w1920-h1080

IMG_3346 - Copy-w1920-h1080

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