Many of us consider the corporate world “evil.” We get pumped so much about building your own business and becoming an entrepreneur and being free of the hassle’s of the 9-5 world that it seems like anyone with a “normal” job should not be happy. And my perception is that it seems to be getting worse. This whole 99%/1% thing, companies firing employees, longer working hours, less pay, etc, etc…however if you really want to succeed in life your ultimate goal is happiness. How you achieve that happiness may be a completely different play in the playbook. Success to me means “the freedom of time.” Time is and always will be your most valuable asset. Striving for millions is absolutely cool, but your mind should be focused on how you create that freedom of time and for many that is through financial success.

Honestly, I am still hustling to get that bit closer to the million dollar mark. 7 digits. However at the same time that I hustle to strive for even more financial success, I always remind myself of how successful I already am as your average Joe. I believe that my success is due in part to some level of talent and skill, but primarily because I out-work people with the intention to prove to myself that I can push my limits. My hustle. My work ethic. If you read my previous post from yesterday you will know what I mean.

However, the question that spurred to me into sharing what I learned from Arnold is exactly my previous post. I’m telling you that we all have the same amount of time in a day and it wasn’t until my late teens that I realized that I needed to be working continuously in all areas of my life as if I was in a hamster wheel – for me to be successful. I loved sleeping. I loved just hanging and doing nothing to a given extent, but it wasn’t until my late teens when I came across a message I heard by Arnold Schwarzenegger that completely turned around my way of thinking. His message went along the lines of this (I don’t remember it exactly, so do not quote me for it):

“I have 8 days a week where others only have 7. How do I do it? I sleep four to five hours a day and since I sleep less and faster than everyone else. I have a full extra day.”

This got me thinking. I am wasting my time. Within weeks I went from sleeping 8, 9, 10 hours a day to roughly 4. My alarm would ring at 6am and I wouldn’t hit the sack again until 1 or 2 am. It took commitment and consistency, but looking back that is something I am thankful for having done. The biggest advantage you’ll ever have in life to reach success is your work ethic, however implementing and executing on “that” needs commitment in time. You need to hustle and make the sacrifice.

If you are not applying above, you will fall short. If your not going the extra mile in your job, guess what, someone else will. If you are not pushing extra hours into your business, you will come up empty handed. It may be tough, but the reward is quite fulfilling. I can already see some folks arguing the fact that they work “smart” and not necessarily “hard.” Well guess what? I work harder and smarter, so what now?

The issue is many folks tend to believe they work smart, they tend to believe they work hard, but in reality your productivity is not 100% – its more like 55%. You are spending time focusing on the wrong things and doing stupid crap, losing hours and being unproductive in many areas. You have at least 12 hours a day to hustle your work. That leaves plenty of time for family, friends, sports, rest, eating, playing a video game, watching a movie, learning, reading, drawing, and so forth. And in those 12 hours you have that will make you financially more successful you may be able to get more done that you already are.

I learned from Arnold that I can utilize time better and have that cutting advantage of this precious resource. Rather than losing time and in the end losing, I began focusing more efficiently. Putting my time to use. So think about how much you spend your time and where. What you do? Put yourself in a position to succeed at the things you are good at. Things that will advance you as a person. Things to put more time into your day for you rise to success.

That my friend is what you need to do, right now!

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