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The other day I had a good chat with someone who has been frustrated with applications to a variety of companies and not receiving feedback, or being turned down over and over again, often with Corona as a response. I told him, keep at it, the market is now at a turning point and there are still a few weeks until summer slows down hiring. I too have applied to a handful of roles that have interested me, however, finishing off my second Masters and spending time with the kids over the last months has been rewarding. I asked him if he had ever seen the tweet by Neil deGrasse Tyson that sums it up beautifully – “Tom Brady was the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft. Which tells me that occasionally, if not often, people assessing your future potential based on past performance don’t know shit about anything.”

I love that.

I gave him two personal examples. First a role for which I got turned down in 2019 by the first recruiter who said my CV did not match the role. I reapplied by contacting another recruiter at the company through LinkedIn who said I was a perfect match. I did the screening and after the second interview turned down the role. That just shows perception and how different people view you differently. And to a certain extent that is okay.

Then I gave a recent example of a role I applied to last summer. It was for an upper management role and after having done three rounds of screenings and interviews I was asked to prepare a case study and present it to the management team in the office. I arrived, pitched my presentation along with the 12 points (next steps) split into phases. One of those phases included the integration of AI chat capability for self-serve-related queries. The sales manager got hooked on this and began asking numerous questions, to which I provided solid answers. Right there, and then I knew I did not want to work with this guy, but the role was still intriguing. Nonetheless, a few days later I got a call and was told that this was one of the reasons for the turn down – my vision and phases did not fit. Now just over half a year later I read that this company just bought a California-based KI chatbot start-up for several million dollars to enhance customer experience – I guess I was a few months too early, or just to visionary 🙂 . With that second example, I nailed it down, got my friend’s motivation back up, and said look – others will always judge you, fear you, try to put you down, etc. But it can also be the complete opposite. HR is just another job role done by some human who either likes your CV or doesn’t. Don’t take it personally – it’s their performance in the end (and their Karma). Perhaps they glance over it, perhaps they just trash it. At some point, someone will say, hey, this looks interesting.

That being said, if you are in a similar situation, don’t give up.

Keep pushing, keep going.

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